Version 2.3.5: Minor Fixes, Internal Optimisations

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

May 24, 2022

As usual, download here. Changelog below.

Regards o7


[FIX] - after trip DB fully loaded to the table, ensure the progress bar has been fully updated so it isn't stuck showing the loading is almost complete.
[FIX] - vastly improved the various explorer-related amfu/srv/jumponium recipe availability handling by way of vastly reducing the amount of DB queries required for all. (Don't Repeat Yourself is your friend.) You may or may not see a speed improvement in the display of the widgets and available recipes.
[MISC] - attempt to improve the speed of loading a trip DB.
[MISC] - attempt to improve the speed of populating the planet table.
[MISC] - overall attempt to improve the responsiveness of the UI.
[MISC] - improve the bookmarks window on/off toggle code.
[MISC] - improve the display of and animation of the Splash screen during initialisation/loading a trip DB.
[MISC] - improve code for amfu, srv fuel, srv repair, and jumponium recipe availability widgets.
[MISC] - tweak jump table column resizing.
[MISC] - tweak the colunm sizes for the planet table.

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