Version 2.3.4 Released, Fixes, Change In Behaviour

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

May 22, 2022

2.3.4 Changelog

[NEW] - Removed the "Close" button from the bottom of the Configuration Manager window.
[NEW] - The Configuration Manager is now toggled visible/non-visible only by the top Configure button. This brings its behaviour in line with the Galaxy, EDSM, and Bookmarks buttons.
[FIX] - Since removal of the "is elite running?" function(s) in earlier versions, CL2 didn't properly go into Overlay mode on startup and after initialisation/loading of trip DB, if overlay mode was set and saved. It now does this properly.
[FIX] - Apparently, some Odyssey genus/species are/were missing "Genus_Localised" in the ScanOrganic event. This breaks JournalParser for that event involving those. So now we check for the existence of "Genus_Localised" before trying to emit a JournalParser journalScanOrganicSample() signal. Sigh.
[FIX] - Include SAASignalsFound with FSSBodySignals in order to trigger parse_bodysignals() in JournalParser.
[FIX] - Add journalSaaScanComplete() signal from JournalParser to the importer in order to import surface probing events.
[FIX] - remove an incorrect tooltip text from the Check for Updates button.
[MISC] - prevent the Splash window from being closed by Alt-F4
[MISC] - The Galaxy Browser button is disabled until after the galaxy database has been fully loaded into its table.
[MISC] - The Galaxy Browser, EDSM, and Bookmarks button are disabled when the Configuration Manager is visible.

Download here.

Regards o7


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