Feature Release v2.4.0: Introducing The BioTracker

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

June 14, 2022

Version 2.4.0 features the new BioTracker system; When you start to sample some plant life on a planet, the BioTracker will tell you the minimum distance required between each sample, and will track your distance and show you in real time, telling you when it should be OK to take another sample.

Back up your GALAXY.db file before upgrading/installing 2.4.0.

Recommend an uninstall of any previous version of 2.x.x before installing 2.4.0.

Download from here, changelogs below.

Any bug reports, go to the Discord server, invite link on front page.

Enjoy! o7


Captain's Log v2.4.0
[MISC] - force more GUI updates whilst CL is loading info/loading the planet table etc.
[NEW] - Added a single-click-to-clipboard current body name widget to the Planet Table. Clicking on this copies the current body name to the clipboard.
[NEW] - When editing a Lat/Lon bookmark note, treat the Return key as finishing the editing.
[FIX] - Stretch the last column of the lat/lon bookmarks table so it fills to the full width of the table.
[NEW] - added a button to clear the target Lat/Lon coords to the Bearing window.
[NEW] - target Lat/Lon will clear automatically on a hyperjump.
[NEW] - Added clear target lat/lon button to the overlay.
[NEW] - Configure, Galaxy, EDSM, and Bookmarks buttons will become highlighted when their respective modes/windows are active.
[MISC] - more quite major optimisation on the refill recipe calculation functions. Cut out quite a lot of DB queries, so should make that a bit quicker.
[MISC] - did the same optimisation/cut DB queries for the "are all raw mats available in this star system?" function.
[FIX] - added arsenic to the list of materials in the material dictionary used for the recipe decider. It's been missing for a long time but due to the old unoptimised way before today seems to not have adversly affected the recipe decider, but would have affected the new way of doing things.
[NEW] - Created a UI for a new BioTracker interface.
[MISC] - make sure configuration manager properly closed (and the new highlight removed) when switching to a new trip DB.
[MISC] - removed the "hard coded" NAV UI from the overlay in favour of re-using the UI from the standalone NAV overlay - basically the same layout with the same UI. This is needed for being able to add and switch to the BioTracker UI.
[NEW] - Added the BioTracker: activates on first sample of an Organic, tracks your distance from the 1st sample, shows when you are at or beyond the minimum distance before you can take another sample, shows your distance from the 2nd sample, both distances are tracked and show when both minimum sample distances are reached for your 3rd and final sample. After final sample is complete, main overlay reverts to the Navigation display.
[NEW] - added the control logic for the BioTracker.
[NEW] - added the UI for the BioTracker.
[NEW] - added the ScanType from the ScanOrganic journal event to the journalScanOrganic signal in JournalParser.
[NEW] - added parsing of the Flags2 status flags, in StatusParser.
[NEW] - added the control logic in the main loop of Captain's Log.
[MISC] - NavOverlay rewired.
[MISC] - changed the code in the main loop of CL to suit the rewired Overlay/Nav system.
[MISC] - Nav system UI is no longer "hard wired" into the Overlay widget. Instead, the Nav system UI is now added via the now-rewired NavOverlay class.
[NEW] - monitor GuiFocus in the Status file for use with hiding the overlay in certain game screens (e.g. Galaxy Map)
[MISC] - keep track of last status state detected in the StatusParser so it doesn't keep sending out the same signal(s)
[NEW] - Overlay autohides when Galaxy Map is brought up in game, if autohide is configured.
[MISC] - rewired/tweaked set_overlay_visibility()
[FIX] - Mainwindow Planet Table Widget and Overlay Planet Table Widget now both use a common set of table icon/info generation functions (DRY - don't repeat yourself!), derived from the ones the mainwindow Planet Table was using. Simplifies the Overlay and mainwindow code and further simplifies modifying the generation of the row for the tables.
[FIX] - If NAV system is visible on overlay when hyperjumping before entering outer space from the planet, it is removed.
[MISC] - Galaxy browser Search now also searches through the system name column.
[MISC] - removed all DB searches from Overlay; it just gets fed data externally now.
[MISC] - tidied up overlay_display_body_info() in main CL loop, also, feed the Overlay with all data from DB queries, from here.
[MISC] - remove printing of atmospheric composition in the debug messages. Also disable the DB query. It's not used for anything yet - that's a TODO item.
[NEW] - If exiting CL, the BioTracker state gets saved to the CL2 INI file. Upon restarting CL2, the state gets reloaded. This means that if a player stops playing and hasn't yet taken all 3 samples of a Bio lifeform, CL2 continues to keep track of that status when the player restarts the game. Similarly, if a player for some reason exits CL2, restarting CL2 restores the bio tracking state.
[MISC] - Tweaked the Overlay layout.
[MISC] - Made the NAV overlay and the BioTracker overlay more transparent - especially the background colour for the text labels.
[NEW] - Added a separate background colour setting for these labels, which is also added to the colour configurator in the configuration manager.
[NEW] - Added tracking of the current BodyName present in the Status.json via the StatusParser.
[MISC] - take hyperjumping into account when deciding on making the NAV overlay appear/disappear.
[internal] - turn journal_location_received_select_body() into a generic location_received handler and use it to trigger some actions that were previously triggered by directly connecting the JournalParser journalLocationReceived() signal to them.
[NEW] - added star & planet count columns to galaxy browser table.
[MISC] - speeded up table loading with star & planets by vastly improving database query method.
[MISC] - galaxy browser table can now be sorted by clicking the relevant column header item. # star/#planets is sorted numerically instead of Qt default textually.
[internal] - add missing relationships and backrefs in some db table schemas.
[MISC] - tweak vertical height of jump table.
[MISC] - tweak vertical height of planet table.
[MISC] - tweak vertical height of stars table.
[NEW] - added "analysed" boolean flag to the BioSpecies table to record if a species was fully analysed
[MISC] - tweaked layout of overlay
[NEW] BioTracker shows count of species scanned, as well as count of species fully analysed.
[NEW] - created a Species List overlay. This lists both species you have scanned (discovered), and the species you have analysed, for a given planet you have done such on. It's handy to see what you've got left to sample & analyse, as you can compare your analysed list with both the sampled, and the bio heat map, to see what you've got left to look for.
- set the Splash widget to WindowModal instead of ApplicationModal.
[NEW] - Created a Species Analysed widget for the planet info area in the main window. If you've analysed biolife on a planet, this info will display there for that planet.
[MISC] - tweaked the dimensions of the Materials widget in the planet info area to fit the new Species Analysed list.
[MISC] - tweaked the layout of the planet info area so that the planet name is displayed properly (higher text widget means lower case letters with a tail will display better).
[NEW] - added a standalone version of the BioTracker.
[NEW] - standalone BioTracker position is saved to and loaded from INI configuration file.
[NEW] - added a "Force main window on top" option. This is enabled by default. This is used when in Overlay mode, and when enabled, forces the main window to be on top of all other windows. This is useful for people using only one monitor. If you use two or more monitors, you may want this option disabled, because you might have other windows on your other monitor, want to also display the CL main window on that other monitor, and wish those other windows to be able to display over the CL main window.
[NEW] - the "Force main window on top" option is saved to and restored from the INI configuration file.
[NEW] - Added options to the Overlays configuration window for enabling and disabling the new standalone overlay(s).
[MISC] - changed the way moving overlay windows are handled.
[NEW] - added a hotkey command to toggle the display of the Species List overlay (ALT-L).
[FIX] - rewired the decision making functions which decide on which overlays to display and at which time.
[MISC] - when selecting overlay mode, only trigger the body_selected() function, to update the overlay data, instead of system_selected(). This speeds up the process dramatically and also doesn't lose the currently selected body when switching to overlay mode.
[NEW] - added an overlay changed signal; changes to Overlay preferences are now immediately visually apparent, instead of relying on the next journal or status event to occur before changes appearing. In some circumstances, such as when you're not in the middle of sampling exobiological life, you won't see any changes until you being sampling.
[MISC] - removed old legacy INI file entries to do with saving the position of the "rolled up" CL window. That was stopped ages ago.
[MISC] - more tweaks to the overlay visibility logic.
[FIX] - consolidate all overlay show/hide decisions into the one function.

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