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Note : Uninstall previous version of Captain's Log 2.x before installing this version.
Always back up your configuration folder ( %localappdata%\Captainslog2 ) and your database files (if located somewhere else) before running the new version.


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If you see Luminosity values are missing for previously scanned stars for which the game's Player Journal provided that value, create a new blank trip DB, highlight it and hit the Import Journals button - this will update/refresh the starsystems from the scans in the Journals with any Luminosity values in more recent Journals. Then select your current live Trip database and click the Switch To button to reload it. Luminosity values should now be visible for stars which have them.


If you notice any oddness with AeBe stars (i.e. they don't appear in Captain's Log after a scan), hit the "Reset star/planet to default values" button in the DB Tasks panel of the Trip Databases tab in the Configuration window, then restart CL2. This fixes a legacy problem with AeBe stars which was introduced when CL2 2.0.0 was released. This is only for those that notice they have odd beheviour as desribed with AeBe stars. If you don't have this problem, no need to worry.



Captain's Log 2.1.7

- Added a StatusParser class, which enables Captain's Log 2 to read and use ED 3.0's new Status.json file
- Added LatLonHeading and HasLatLon signals to StatusParser.
- StatusParser runs in a background thread, which starts and stops if the game is running or not
- Changed the layout of the Bearing & Distance Calculator widget, and added some instructions to it
- Added a NAV frame to the Overlay, which displays if a target LAT/LON has been entered into the Bearing&Distance Calculator and if the ship is in Orbital Cruise, Planetary Flight, or if the user is in an SRV.
- The NAV frame and the Bearing&Distance widget get the player's vehicle's current LAT/LON position updated in real time from the StatusParser
- created and added new direction indicator icons for the NAV overlay
- overlay now indicates which direction the ship should head in in order to reach its target LAT/LON
- StatusParser now detects the Docked status
- made StatusParser DRY
- Overlay now disappears when Docked and reappears after undocking.
- Bearing widget now displays distance to target lat/lon taking ship's altitude into account, when in Flight or Orbital Cruise. When landed or driving SRV, distance shown is ground lat/lon to ground lat/lon.
- refactored a lot of the Bearing widget's code
- You can now click on the Overlay from just about anywhere and drag it to another screen position
- removed the now redundant click-and-drag blob from the overlay widget
- fixed a couple of things in the StatusParser
- Changed the layout of the Overlay widget. Current system name now on the top left hand corner, "Distance to <system>" shortened, "Odometer" shortened to "Odo", made sure NAV indication arrows are in the centre of the overlay widget.
- Added being able to enter your target lat/lon to the overlay widget. Enter LAT, press return, the cursor will automatically jump to the LON.
- Added indication of the LAT/LON input validation checks. Green == lat or lon figure is valid. Red == invalid lat or lon entry.
- Removed the now practically redundant overlay version of the Bearing widget. If you still need to access it, call up the CL2 main window and access it from there.
- attempt to fix an apparent bug in the ConfigFile handler which hopefully fixes saving of a corrupted Captainslog2.INI file.
- Added a latlonbookmarks table to the GALAXY DB schema
- Created a migration script for the latlonbookmarks table; GALAXY.DB will automatically be migrated to the new schema (i.e. the new table will be added if it doesn't already exist)
- Created a Lat/Lon Bookmarks UI
- Adjusted the layout of the Overlay widget to accommodate Current Lat/Lon display and a couple of related and new Lat/Lon Bookmarking icons (still to be created)
- created the necessary UI compilation batch file and added it to the global setup.bat file used to compile all UI's
- Created a Nav bookmark icon
- Created a Bookmark Current Location icon
- Added icons to Overlay and LatLonBookmarks widgets
- Added a LatLonBookmarksWidget class
- Added the LatLonBookmarksWidget class to the PlanetTableWidget class
- Added a Lat/Lon BookMark column to the Planet Table Widget. Any planets with Lat/Lon coordinates bookmarked will have an icon appear in this  "Nav" column
- Added the setting of the preference colours of the Nav widget
- Saves current lat/lon coords to a bookmarks table for a specific planet/moon
- Can copy a bookmarked lat/lon + note to the clipboard
- Can delete a bookmarked lat/lon
- set the stylesheet of the current lat/lon indicator added to the overlay
- added some lat/lon bookmark specific code to the Bearing Widget
- added a DB migration script which adds the lat/lon bookmarks table and a haslatlonbookmarks column to the SystemPlanet table of the GALAXY db
- added the necessary lat/lon bookmark signalling to the main CL2 class
- added a bit of leeway (+- 0.08 degrees) for the "forward" indicator icon on the overlay, in the direction_decider function
- make sure we're in overlay mode when deciding whether to display/hide the overlay if undocked/docked
- ask for separate DB sessions for various functions which require a DB session
- turn some existing code into a reusable get_body_id() function as some new functions need to use the same functionality
- added various signal handlers relevant to lat/lon bookmarks to the main CL2 class
- added a Manually Add Lat/Lon Bookmark Widget
- you can manually type in a lat/lon and a short note
- recalculate heading & distance if a target lat/lon has been set, this will update distance and bearing
- change add_bookmark (lat/lon) to add a note if one has been supplied. This will be added after the automatic timestamp.
- set the NAV frame on the overlay visble or invisible depending on if lat/lon coordinates are available during flight near a planet, or on a planet.
- added the necessary signals and handlers for manually adding lat/lon coord bookmarks with notes
- refresh the planet table if all bookmarks for a planet have been removed and hence removing the indicator icon from the table
- in certain cases whilst refreshing the planet table, re-select the same row (planet) as previously
- BUGFIX : make sure a planet table row is selected in any case - don't have that depend on if a system has planets with value in them.
- refresh the lat/lon bookmarks table after adding a bookmark to it
- add the necessary stylesheet setting for all widgets in the new Manual Add Lat/Lon Bookmark Widget
- changed lat/lon bookmark note column to have 120 characters, from 40
- added an Edit Lat/Lon bookmark Widget
- added the necessary signalling and handling and GUI code needed for editing a bookmarked lat/lon
- Bearing Widget appears if a target lat/lon has been set from a lat/lon bookmark
- set lat/lon bookmark note entry form font to Sintony 12
- Get rid of the recently added and used pyperclip package, which was causing the Captain's Log build to no longer work.
- Exorcise the pyperclip demon from my system. This house is safe!
- Use the Qt4 clipboard functionality to copy stuff to the clipboard, instead. Should have done this from the start.
- Give the planet table widget its own db session to work with, rather than share with others.
- Similarly with most other functions() in the main CL2 class - give 'em individual db sessions as and when required, and remember to close the DB sessions!
- altered some of the session logic on a few functions to not be so silly. I mean, who wrote this stuff!?
- FSD/Jumponium recipes altered as per the new ED 3.0 synthesis materials requirements.
- set the BookmarkCurrentLatLon icon in the Overlay to never get focus - this should prevent spurious lat/lon bookmarks being added if a user is typing a target lat/lon into the overlay.
- removed unneeded eventFilter from the ManuallyAddLLBMWidget, as a <return> can now be directly detected by way of the QtLineEdit used for bookmark notes.
- remove increasing sleep() delay in journalparser thread loop and replace with just a straightforward time.sleep() (I think this was causing an eventual hang in CL2 if CL2 was left idling for a while)
- add Body parameter parsing to the Journal's Location event in the Journal Parser
- issue the 'fake' FSDJump event signal before the journalLocation signal, in the JournalParser
- receive the Body name from the JournalParser journalLocation signal and call the select_planet_in-Planet_table() function - this means that if you are starting the game and you are at a planet, CL2 will auto-select the planet in the Planet Table.
- Version bumped to 2.1.7