Download Captain's Log 2.x

64-bit Windows

Note : Uninstall previous version of Captain's Log 2.1.x before installing this version.
Always back up your configuration folder ( %localappdata%\Captainslog2 ) and your database files (if located somewhere else) before running the new version.


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Clickety click :  Captain's Log 2 v2.2.2 85.2 MB


Alternate download location if you have problems downloading from here : Download v2.2.2 from Dropbox





If you see Luminosity values are missing for previously scanned stars for which the game's Player Journal provided that value, create a new blank trip DB, highlight it and hit the Import Journals button - this will update/refresh the starsystems from the scans in the Journals with any Luminosity values in more recent Journals. Then select your current live Trip database and click the Switch To button to reload it. Luminosity values should now be visible for stars which have them.


If you notice any oddness with AeBe stars (i.e. they don't appear in Captain's Log after a scan), hit the "Reset star/planet to default values" button in the DB Tasks panel of the Trip Databases tab in the Configuration window, then restart CL2. This fixes a legacy problem with AeBe stars which was introduced when CL2 2.0.0 was released. This is only for those that notice they have odd beheviour as desribed with AeBe stars. If you don't have this problem, no need to worry.



Captain's Log 2.2.2

- [FIX] Add an informative message window when CL can't detect the existence of a My Pictures system folder on Windows. CL will exit cleanly, and will keep displaying this message on startup until the user has sorted out the missing My Pictures problem.
- [FIX] A bug was added to CL2 when a previous fix to check for and add a couple of missing Supergiant star types was added, resulting in brand new users ending up with a new and blank GALAXY database which only had the two supergiant star classes in its startypes table. This resulted in a crash in the DB Interface when it couldn't find any of the other star types when adding scans.
- [FIX] There was a bug in the JournalParser which couldn't handle Journal entries with Screenshot Events which had a blank FileName, which caused JournalParser to crash.
- [FIX] Ensure that the list of Player Journal files is sorted before handing it to the rest of the Journal Importer code. This ensures that the Jumps/Scans etc. data is processed in the proper order, and thus displayed in the proper order in the Jump Table.
- [FIX] EDSM Nightly Dump import : Apparently, shiboken can't cope with converting a Python long integer over a certain value, which meant the code to download the EDSM nightly dump started crashing as soon as it reached a certain amount of GB in size. So work around that by passing a float version of the size instead of an integer in the custom Qt dlProgress Signal. That seems to work juuuust fine.
- [MISC] updated copyright dates in the Splash and About dialogs.
- Version updated to 2.2.2