Captain's Log 2.1.8 Beta 4 Available For Download - Now saves logs to files. And a Bugfix.

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

Nov. 2, 2018

Download : Captain's Log 2.18 beta 4 Setup

Do read the News article for beta 3 about being able to switch between Live Game and Beta Game modes.

As per changelogs, two log files will noe be generated. To access, type %TEMP% into File Explorer.

NOTE : the new standalone NAV Overlay is still a Work In Progress. Be gentle with it ;)   


2.1.8 beta 4 Changelogs

- CL2 now saves its log messages to files.
- Standard/Info/Debug messages are saved to CL2.log
- Error messages are saved to CL2_err.log
- These files are created in a user's %TEMP% folder in Windows.
- Standard/Info messages are still sent to the in-app Logger tab.
- BUGFIX : tracked down and fixed the Trip Jump Bookmarking system. Basically, it works again!
- Version bumped to 2.1.8 beta 4

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