Captain's Log 2.1.8 beta 3 Released For Testing, Now Has Option To Work With ED Game Betas

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

Oct. 31, 2018

Download : Captain's Log 2.18 beta 4 Setup

Click the Configure button, click on the Directory Locations Tab, and see the section Use Live Game or Beta Player Journals.

Once selected, if this was the first time, CL2 will copy your GALAXY and Trip DB's to a new folder which is named after your current DB folder but with _gamebeta appended. CL2 will then need show a Restart message and button, as a restart is mandatory for this operation. CL2 will not copy the EDSM database of star systems, if you have one, as those are getting pretty yuuuuge these days, so it'll skip over that one.

Once restarted into Game Beta mode, CL2 will only read the Beta Journal files, and will only write data residing in the <db folder>_gamebeta folder. This keeps your live game data safe, secure, and separate from 'pollution' from the game beta(s).

Reverting back to Live Game mode is as simple as clicking on the "Use the Live game Player Journals" checkbox - again, a restart will be required.

Once restarted back into Live game mode, CL2 will load the live game Trip DB you were last using.

NOTE : the new standalone NAV Overlay is still a Work In Progress. Be gentle with it ;)   More work will be done to it for beta 3.


2.1.8 beta 3 Changelogs

- Added an option in the Configuration Manager's "Directory Locations" tab on whether to use Live or Beta Player Journal files (so you can use CL2 with an ED game beta)
- Selecting Live or Beta Journal Player files requires a restart of CL2
- Live or Beta Player Journal selection is saved to the configuration file and loaded at startup
- If selecting Beta Game mode for first time, your live game trip DB's and GALAXY.db are copied to a new CaptainsLog2_gamebeta directory
- CL2 will only write/save data to the CaptainsLog2_gamebeta directory whilst in Game Beta mode
- CL2 saves the DB name you were using for Live Game mode
- CL2 will revert to the last Live Game mode trip DB you were using, after selecting Live Game mode again.
- Added an indicator on the CL2 main window which appears whilst in Game Beta mode to remind you to revert back to Live Game mode before you play the live game ;)
- You can flip between Live Game and Game Beta modes any time (requires restart)
- Moved some settings of the Configuration Manager's widget stylesheets from the main CL2 code into the Configuration Manager code, where it should reside.
- set_overlay_nav_visibility() : added some extra logic to reduce Qt function calling in this frequently used bit of code.
- Game Beta's Status.json seemed to have a disappearing Flags entry. Added a safety exception catch for that in the StatusParser to prevent possible CL2 crash.
- Decreased the alpha value of the overlay widget background. It's a bit lighter.
- Added missing setting of LOGFILESEARCHPATH variable in the ConfigFile class
- Added a generic Message dialog window for displaying messages
- The EDSM widget now tells you if there's been some sort of error whilst downloading the EDSM nightly dump
- Add logging to get_planets_with_highest_material()
- In get_planets_with_highest_material(), only close the galaxy DB session once the result has been worked out
- Version bumped to 2.1.8 beta 3

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