Captain's Log 2.1.8 beta 5 Released For Testing. Bugfix & Enhancements

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

Feb. 23, 2019

Download : Captain's Log 2.1.8 beta 5

2.1.8 beta 4 Changelogs

- ENHANCEMENT: CL2 now tracks planet mapping
- added probemappedbodies table to GALAXY database schema
- added migration script
- added parsing of SAAScanComplete to JournalParser() class
- added planet mapped icon
- ENHANCEMENT: changed planet table "Landable?" column to "Info"
- Info column is now more general purpose
- Gravity and volcanism displays will show for all planets whether landable or not
- planet mapped icon now shows for planets which have been probe-mapped
- add_or_modify_probemappedbody() function added to v2DBInterface() class
- probe_mapping_complete_handler() function added to main CL2 code
- Added journalFilesMonitor class to functions
- Removed old Windows API-based journal file monitor
- ENHANCEMENT: new journal monitor file based on Qt and is cross-platform (Windows, Linux)
- upon detection of new journal file, JournalParser switches to parsing new file
- BUGFIX: altered the Hotkeythread (Windows) so it's less crashy when exiting.
- ENHANCEMENT: added icon for volcanism
- Changed layout of Star info widget
- ENHANCEMENT: added post-3.3 body value calculation
- ENHANCEMENT: added display of planet type icon to planet info panel
- re-wrote planet type icon generator type-->icon to use a lookup table instead of 'if' statements
- greatly simplified get_planetclass_icon() function to use a lookup table
- split out icon stylesheet generation into its own reusable function
- get_planet_icon() now uses stylesheet generator function
- added returning of whether a body has been mapped or not to DBInterface
- altered layout of Planet Info Panel
- altered layout of Star Info Panel
- in add_planet_value_to_total_estimated_trip_value() take into account if body has been mapped and if efficiency was met
- for time being, assume scanned body is first mapped and first discovery (there is no indication of this in the journal logs)
- BUGFIX: fixed filepath joining in the ConfigFile class. It's now proper and cross-platform
- added parsing (and signalling) of the Shutdown event, in the JournalParser class
- added handling of the new probe-mapping to the Planet Info Widget
- Planet info widget now shows the value calculated from the new 3.3 formula
- added handling of the new probe-mapping to the Planet Table Widget
- "Scan all logs and import to DB" button now renamed to "Begin Import Procedure" in preparation for the future Journal Importer page
- version bumped to 2.1.8 beta 5


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