Captain's Log 2.1.8 beta 2 Released For Testing, Contains Bug Fixes & Enhancements

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

March 4, 2018

Download : Captain's Log 2.18 beta 4 Setup


NOTE : the new standalone NAV Overlay is still a Work In Progress. Be gentle with it ;)   More work will be done to it for beta 3.


2.1.8 beta 2 Changelogs


- BUGFIX : some logging messages were incorrectly formatted, causing the logger to produce an error message, which prevented some functions from carrying out their programming. This has now been fixed.
- added some more logging messages (making sure they're properly formatted)
- ENHANCEMENT : Added a copy of the Overlay NAV section as a separate standalone overlay widget.
- ENHANCEMENT : standalone NAV overlay is draggable - the position is saved to the configuration file.
- ENHANCEMENT : Added an option to enable or disable the standalone NAV overlay.
- ENHANCEMENT : standalone NAV overlay can be used even if not in overlay mode - this is handy for those users who have more than one monitor and want to have the CL2 main window displaying as normal on their other monitor.
- ENHANCEMENT : Added an option which makes auto-hiding the Main Big Overlay when docked, user-configurable.
- BUGFIX : legacy code from Captain's Log 1.x was continuously getting a whole DBInterface class whilst populating the Trip Databases table in Configuration - for each Trip database. This is insane behaviour and this has now been fixed. New behaviour is to obtain a DBInterface once, THEN loop through each Trip database in order to interrogate them for information to populate the Trip Databases table.
- ENHANCEMENT : altered the HotKeyWindows() class to enable adding more than one global hotkey. This will allow the addition of lots of new global hotkeys (these are application hotkeys which register even if the application does not have focus - like the original ALT-C global hotkey, for example)
- moved all the non-global, only-works-when-app-is-focused shortcut keys creation code together in the source, to make them easier to find later.
- added an ALT-N global hotkey for use in toggling the display of the standalone NAV overlay
- added the necessary code in order to have the standlone NAV overlay widgets display the same data as the Bearing/Big Main Overlay widgets
- added code to enable the display/hiding of the standalone NAV overlay. NOTE: this still needs more work before being feature-complete and this work will be done for the next beta release.
- Version bumped to 2.1.8 beta 2

See also the beta 1 announcement in News for previous bugfixes and enhancements.

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