Captain's Log 2.1.8 beta 1 Released For Testing, Contains Bug Fixes & Enhancements

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

March 3, 2018

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2.1.8 beta 1 Changelogs


- BUGFIX : don't update overlay Lat/Lon entryboxes whilst checking for their validity, as this overwrites values being manually input, and is annoying.
- BUGFIX : changed BookmarkCurrentCoordsBtn from a QToolbutton to a QPushbutton, so that the following bugifx can be made...
- BUGFIX : set overlay BookmarkCurrentCoordsBtn setDefault() as False. This overrides the default Qt behaviour of triggering a pushbutton when RETURN is pressed in a Line Edit widget. This will prevent spurious additions of a lat/lon bookmark being added when trying to manually enter target lat/lon coords from the overlay.
- BUGFIX : added functions specifically to handle when Bearing & Distance Lat/Lon coords are manually entered, such that this is what updates their overlay counterparts rather than constantly updating them during validation. Derp.
- ENHANCEMENT : add an Overlays tab to the Configuration Manager
- ENHANCEMENT : make Autohiding the overlay when docked, optional.
- ENHANCEMENT : save/load the Autohiding Overlay when docked option to/from the INI configuration file.
- redesigned the way Galaxy db sessions get created. They now get created from a single Engine rather from new Engines-per-session-request.
- removed some old unused variables
- BUGFIX : use own DBINTERFACE when populating the trip db table, and make sure all sessions are closed and engines are switched off.
- moved the TripTotal class to its own module
- removed the TripTotal class from the V2DBInterface module
- BUGFIX : instead of having TripTotal check for the existence of a Trip database or checking to see if it can get DBsessions, why not do those checks BEFORE even starting a TripTotal thread.
- BUGFIX : now able to delete a trip db which was previously loaded, after switching to a new db
- BUGFIX : DockStateChanged (renamed from Docked) signal no longer expects a Boolean value to be transmitted within the signal.
- This release configured as a beta release, meaning it will not check for new versions.
- Version bumped to 2.1.8 beta 1

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