Captain's Log 2.0.0 Stable/Gold Released!

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

April 17, 2017

Captain's Log 2.0.0 'Gold release' Changelog

- BUGFIX : Prevent the JournalParser (and hence the application) from
  crashing due to invalid values detected by the JSON loader during an
  edge-case scan of a Ring Belt
- BUGFIX : Make the Scan Event decision-maker function more robust and
  less naive by specifically making sure we're either scanning a star
  or a planet/moon. Also ignore Ring Belt scans as they provide very
  little interesting information. Rings orbiting a star or planet still
  get recorded, but at this time CL2 doesn't show their information.
- BUGFIX : Prevent the Player Journal Importer from crashing due to the
  same invalid value 'inf' for the JSON.
- Version bumped to 2.0.0, making this the official stable release!

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