Captain's Log 1.4.4 Released

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

April 14, 2017

Captain's Log 1.4.3 stopped working with ED 2.3 because FDEV altered the old-style netlog format. This 1.4.4 release has been altered to get CL1.x working again.


- FDEV changed the format of the 2.3 netlog unannounced again :/
- netlog jump matcher added to match the altered ED 2.3 netlog format
- added a new parser for this new format
- added parser for the 'import all netlogs' function
- BUGFIX : 'import all logs' would break in a certain edge case where
  it thought there was a jump in a netlog but there were zero system
  names. This would abort and freeze the import. Fixed.

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