Captain's Log 2.0.0 Beta 10 released

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

April 8, 2017


- New signal journalLiftoff added to Journal Parser class
- New signal journalStartJump added to Journal Parser class
- GALAXY database schema versioning and migration system added. I can now alter the GALAXY database format and CL2 will alter existing GALAXY.db databases automatically. This allows for new features which require new Things in the database to be added more easily.
- Added AtmosphereComposition table to GALAXY schema
- Added axialtilt column to GALAXY db schema, in future preparation if FDEV ever decide to add axial tilt of a body into the Player Journal
- All functions that require a database session now obtain their sessions from only one point in the program
- Added parsing of the AtmosphereComposition journal event to the JournalParser
- Check if the SystemName received (due to an FSDJump event) is the same as the last systemname on the jump table. This is because a journalFSD signal is now generated by the journalLocation parser and we don't want to keep adding Jump table entries if we're starting in the same location.
- CL2 will now update your Jump table if you start the game at a different star system from where it thought you were. This should keep scans in synch with the star systems in your Jump table.
- Splash screen now shows up much earlier
- Splash screen has additional "Initialising" message
- Splash screen now stays up right until the program is just about fully initialised and the main window is read to appear.
- Removed the time delay for the splash screen as it's no longer required - CL2 initialisation is delay enough. This actually saves half a second for app loading ;)
- Elite Running indicator widget now styled early with a "Loading Trip" message, until the elite-running-checker thread is initialised after trip load, then back to normal indication.
- Major overhaul of the JournalScanner class
-- Got rid of 4 specific planet type scan signals and replaced with 1 all-encompassing planet scan parser/signal. Less code to maintain and follows DRY principle.
- Major overhaul of the database interface
-- Got rid of the 4 specific planet type add-to-database functions and replaced with one function which can handle all cases. Less code to maintain and follows DRY principle.
- Changed the journal log importer to suit the parser and dbinterface changes.
- Try to not have the Imgur uploader explode if Imgur reports it's overloaded
- Fixed a bug in the new 'check for same system name in jump table' function such that it does nothing and returns if there are no jumps in the table
- Added Atmospheric Composition data storage for planets to the database
- Added Atmospheric Composition automatic DB migration, which will happen when the new version of CL2 has been loaded
- Make sure the DB migrate module has all the correct application paths
- Adapted the Bearing Calculator class for overlay usage
- Added signals to the Bearing Calculator for overlay usage
- Added a moved() signal to the overlay widget
- Overlay version of the Bearing Calculator added to below the overlay widget
- Overlay version of the Bearing Calculator follows the position of the Overlay Widget when it is moved
- Added Bearing button to the overlay widget, which toggles the Overlay Bearing Calculator on and off
- When LAt/LON and planet radius figures are updated in either of the Bearing Calculators, the other calculator is updated
- Moved loading of the Configuration Manager (and hence the app configuration) to right to the start of the application initialisation.
- Moved the display of the splash screen to just after configuration has been loaded
- BUGFIX: if CL2 is started in Overlay mode, and first goes into overlay mode, it always took 2 presses of ALT-C to bring the main window up. This has now been fixed and the main window now appears on first ALT-C press.
- Materials Donut Chart: Tweaked width of chart, and made gap between material name and precentage value larger
- Materials Donut Chart: Ensure percentage values are rounded off to 2 decimal points and padded with decimal point zeros to maintain a neater looking percentage column
- Remove a scrollToBottom() call for the add_entry_to_jumptable()
  function for the jumptablewidget. This should speed up initial loading
  of the jump table (no need to scroll to bottom of the table thousands
  of times)
- remove a print() statement from edsm nightly build start_download()
  as this could potentially cause GUI app problems.
- version bumped to Beta 10

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