Version 2.3.2 Released, Has Fixes

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

May 20, 2022

v2.3.2 released, changelogs below, you know where to go to get it ;)


[FIX] - added missing safety checks to the total trip value calculation thread, hopefully making it a lot more resilient, exit gracefully without potentially bringing the rest of CL down with it. If there's an error or an Exception, the reason will be printed to the log.
[FIX] - Splash screen is now a modal window residing inside the main window.
[FIX] - Splash screen being made to disappear no longer depends on the estimated trip value thread from completing.
[MISC] - Reactivated the "select where to install captain's log" option in the installer compiler.
[MISC] - "CL2.log" saved in %temp% now called "CL2_log.txt"
[MISC] - "CL2_err.log" saved in %temp% now called "CL2_errorlog.txt"
[MISC] - made some small adjustments to the estimated total trip value label texts.
[MISC] - made the estimated total trip value "zero" button disappear whilst the thread is calculating the total value.
[MISC] - removed the obsolescent Override button.
[MISC] - attempt to get around PySide2 float->int wrong conversion, in journalparser.
[MISC] - add a "parent" initialisation parameter to the Splash window.
[MISC] - after checking that the database directory is writable, remove the "testfile". Avoids potential confusion.
[MISC] - "CL2.log" saved in %temp% now called "CL2_log.txt"
[MISC] - "CL2_err.log" saved in %temp% now called "CL2_errorlog.txt"
[internal] - changed how the main window gets moved. No longer relies on internal code - instead we let the window manager move the window and then just record the new X/Y coords of the window, which is saved to the configuration file.
[internal] - renamed the functions which hide and show the main window when in overlay mode (used to be called rollup and unfurl from back in the old 1.x days).

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