Version 2.3.1 Released, It's a HotFix

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

May 18, 2022

Horizons players wouldn't have a very good time with 2.3.0. My bad.

This is a hotfix release with the changes made below.

Available from the download page.

Regards o7


[FIX] - the JournalParser's TouchDown parser to not be Odyssey-specific, which meant it choked on Horizons logs and did bad things to the journal importer (and probably chokes on Horizons during live play).
[FIX] - added a couple of additional parser/signals (Location, BodySignals) to the journal importer. Location helps to keep CL updated on the current starsystem the player is/was in, which in turn is important for various data processing functions which update the database. The lack of that too, did not help the importer.
[FIX] - the "select image files to upload" dialog triggered by the button in the imgur tab works again.
[MISC] - added some logging lines in specific places in the DBInterface.
[internal] - some code tidyups and renamed the importer DB interface to something less silly.


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