v2.6.2 Released: A fix and an enhancement.

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

Sept. 27, 2022

This release adds some indexes to the DB for speedups and an adjustment in behaviour of CL for missing planets in the DB for which a probe mapping operation has been done.

Download from the usual place.

Regards o7


v2.6.2 Changelog:
[FIX] - if a planet doesn't exist in the CL database, defer processing of probe/surface mapping event until a subsequent Detailed Scan event has taken place in the player journal, which mostly happens after the probe mapping event. This is handy for people who have visited a star system before, but perhaps weren't running Captain's Log at the time. Captain's Log will now take that detailed scan event, and create a record for the planet, then process the probe mapping data.
[NEW] - added some indexes to the central galaxy database. This speeds up certain db queries by an order of magnitude.
[NEW] - included probe mapping status, volcanism type, and atmosphere type in a db query for all bodies in a given star system, to reduce the amount of queries needed to populate the planet table.
[MISC] - rewired overlay widget, the planet table widget, the planet table functions class, and the main loop which vastly reduces the amount of database queries needed to populate the planet table and the overlay planet table.
[MISC] - when selecting a star system from the Jump table or Galaxy Browser, also clear the star & planet tables, and the star & planet info areas, before getting the info for the selected star system.

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