v2.5.3 : More Fixes

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

July 30, 2022

v2.5.2 was mostly successful.

v2.5.3 includes some fixes which cropped up, one due to an edge case which wasn't covered.

CL2 once again checks if another instance of CL2 is already running. This was disabled some releases ago because I was working on getting CL2 running under WINE on Linux, because the native Windows method doesn't work under WINE, annoyingly enough. For now I've re-enabled the check, becuase most if not all people use CL on native Windows, and I can research a WINE method in the meantime.

Download v2.5.3 from the usual place.

Support on the Discord server.

Regards o7


v2.5.3 Changelog

[FIX] - make update_total_system_value() take into account starting CL with a blank trip database, as that function is called when going into overlay mode and would otherwise crash as it wouldn't be supplied with a star system name.
[FIX] - in DBInterface(): isnavbeacondata(), make it even more resilient.
[FIX] - re-enable the check to see if CL2 is already running. It was disabled at some point whilst attempting to get CL to be able to run under WINE in Linux, but I'm re-enabling it for now whilst I work on a better solution for WINE.

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