Captain's Log 2.1.3 Released

CMDR Genar_Hofoen

Sept. 24, 2017

UPDATE : If you are having problems with 2.1.3

It's come to my attention that there's a specific problem with 2.1.3 not loading the GALAXY.db - the error windows being posted in the discussion below is the symptom.

There is a way to fix this. The problem is being caused by the database version number marked within the GALAXY.db being incorrect. For some reason the database migration tool Captain's Log uses, is correctly altering the DB structure, but is not marking the database revision number afterwards.

Here is how to fix that:

1) You will need to download and install SQLite Admin, get it from here :

2) Once installed, run SQLite Admin, and load the GALAXY.db into it

3) Click on the Edit Data tab

4) On the left-hand list of tables, click on the alembic_version table. You should now see the data for that table, which is basically a version_num - it's a hexadecimal number.


5) The correct version number should be 200a2dde7f3b - if the number is different, then overwrite the different number with this one.

6) Click on the tick icon above

7) Exit Sqlite Admin, and then try running Captain's Log 2.3.1 - you should now be back up and running.

Apologies for the inconvenience and I hope this solves your problem.


Download Captain's Log from here.


- BUGFIX : When validating Target Destination XYZ upper and lower bounds, ensure you are checking X and X, Y and Y and, Z and Z, instead of X&X, Y&X, and Z&X, dummy.
- BUGFIX : Don't set the overlay estimated system value with the estimated total trip value - that's a paddlin'
- BUGFIX : in a 'first time run' scenario, do create GALAXY.db and v2default.db BEFORE creating the first DBInterface instance, because DBInterface doesn't like having non-existent databases to not look at, and gets really very upset, and wrecks the whole program out of spite, coz that's how it rolls.
- REFINEMENT : On the Overlay, take the time and effort to craft an awesome sentence out of the 'Distance to <target system>' information, because it rolls off the tongue easier. And looks better too.
- REFINEMENT : Do not automatically select the first planet (if any) listed in the planet table, when you have either selected a new system, FSDJumped into a system for which you have planet data, or if you have scanned a planet in a system. This gets rid of that brief view of the information for the first planet in the planet table, in the Overlay. No more subliminal planet info!
- REFINEMENT : Adjust the positioning of the Atmosphere and Terraforming indicators on the Overlay, so that letters in the Atmosphere indicator with a waggly tail will not be cut off. No more screaming in agony for those poor letters as they get their tails cut off!
- BUGFIX : Estimated Value formula: Black Holes are type "H", not "B", mmm'kay?
- BUGFIX : Estimated Value formula: Do an exact match check for "N" or "B", mmm'kay?
- Version bumped to 2.1.3

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